Bushfire Fundraiser 2020

There's a lot going on so close to home. For those that don't realise, but I live in Australia. And right now, which you probably have seen on news all over the world, our country is suffering through horrendous bushfires. And not just one small area, but every single state has bushfires burning. Some are way more severe than others. All have taken lives, some human but millions of animals.

There are fires in my community. I'm not directly affected by the fire front but I feel, see and smell the effects of the bushfires everyday. Smoke, ash and burnt leaves falling from the sky. This isn't just a new thing either. The fires have been burning since September 2019. In my state alone, there is more than 100 fires burning. World Heritage listed bushland is almost wiped out. Whole towns have been obliterated. It's horrifying.

I feel horrible that my life is still going on, so little affected. I'm still working my day job. I'm still designing. I'm still making new products. And I'm still releasing new products. But I need to. I'm trying to build my future. Contribute to society. I feel terrible that there's so little I can do. I don't have loads money to donate. I barely have money in my account. I am lucky I have my day job to cover my bills and I will be personally making a donation over the next couple of weeks when I have some extra money. I'll be donating to my local Rural Fire Service because they have done so much for my community to save lives and homes, to prevent the fires reaching suburbia.

I want to do more. I will be taking my next holiday with the pugs to some of the towns that have been so badly affected. Putting what I can into their local businesses and communities to help build their economy again. They'll need tourists to still come.

Whilst I don't have a lot of money right now to be able to donate, what I can do is the best I can to help raise some money this month, even if it is just $10. Every cent helps. So whilst I need to keep releasing my new products and I need to celebrate & recognise that I have been in business for a year on 12th January, I will do my part to help. You can help me too!

So here is what I am going to do, with the help of you:

It isn't much but if I can sell all 40 of the Sugar Skull Pug enamel pins in January, that is $200 that will be donated to WIRES. And to help sweeten the deal, every person who buys a Sugar Skull Pug enamel pin in January will go into the draw to win a Pugs & Co prize pack valued at $100. So please share far and wide with all of your pug crazy friends.

Now if you would like to help with the Australia Bushfires, you can donate to the following organisations directly. 

  • NSW Rural Fire Service DONATE
  • Victorian Country Fire Service DONATE
  • WIRES Wildlife Rescue DONATE
  • Port Macquarie Koala Hospital DONATE
  • Australian Red Cross DONATE
  • The Salvation Army DONATE
  • St Vincent De Paul Society DONATE



Some important notes:

  • The Bushfire Fundraiser runs from 6th January until midnight 31st January 2020
  • $5.00 will be donated from every Sugar Skull Pug enamel pin during this time
  • Final donation amount will be tallied and donated to WIRES the first week of February 2020
  • Final donation amount will be announced on Instagram, Facebook and via the newsletter
  • Every person who purchase a Sugar Skull Pug enamel pin during this time will go into the draw to win a Pugs & Co prize pack
  • The Pugs & Co prize pack is valued at $100.00
  • This giveaway is opened worldwide
  • The Pugs & Co prize pack will be made up of a random number of products from the website
  • The Pugs & Co prize pack will be drawn the first week of February 2020
  • The Pugs & Co prize pack will be announced on Instagram, Facebook and via the newsletter once the winner has been drawn
  • The Pugs & Co prize pack will be shipped via the cheapest option available, usually as untracked shipping