30 Ways to Use Your Stickers

Do you overthink where to put your stickers? Or just go flat out into a sticker crisis that means you don't end up using your stickers? Let me just start with this, we have all been there so you are not lone. But remember that your sticker collection is meant to bring you joy, not stress & anxiety. So to help you get past that fear of using your stickers, here are 30 ways to use your stickers that will bring a smile to your face. And don't worry, if you ever regret where you put that sticker just get some more. I'm totally here to encourage that sticker addiction.

Before You Get Started Stickering Everything
There's some things to keep in mind before you go placing those stickers down for good. Start with knowing whether your stickers are waterproof, water resistant or uv protected. Vinyl stickers tick off all of these so you can not only put them through the dishwasher, you can use them out in the wild so they last in all of the elements.
Next, not all surfaces are created equal. Paper, cardboard or fabric will mean that your stickers life will be cut short. It also is not a good idea to use them on surfaces with extreme curves or bumpy surfaces.
The best surfaces to use your stickers are smooth glass, plastic, metal and even glazed ceramics.I would stick with these surfaces to get the longest life out of your sticker placement choices.
Best Places to Use Dog Stickers


1. Water bottles - you can even run these through the dishwasher!
2. On your car - think bumper or back window
3. Coffee mug or travel mug
4. Laptop - covers can take the fear out and allow you to replace them at any time
5. Bike or scooter
6. Notebook or planner
7. Smart phones - put them on your cover to protect your phone
8. Folders
9. Hard luggage - make it easier to find yours when travelling
10. Helmet - whether you ride a motorcycle, bicycle, scooter or skateboard
11. Plastic storage containers
12. Flower pots
13. iPad/tablet cover
14. Glasses case
15. Clipboard
16. Lunchbox or food flask
17. Filing cabinet
18. Toolbox
19. Esky
20. Windows or mirrors
21. Garbage or recycling bin - indoor or outdoor ones
22. Video game console or remotes
23. Glasses case - hard plastic ones
24. Powerbank or charging device
25. Bookcase or other furniture
26. Guitar or other musical instruments - cases are great if you don' want it on the instrument itself
27. Skateboard or skates
28. Surfboard
29. Passport cover
30. Somewhere public - adding a sticker to a public there are already stickers can bring joy to others


    One Last Tip
    If you are searching for the "perfect" place to use your stickers, start with putting them in one place that you look at often so it can bring a smile to your face regularly. Your laptop is a great place to do this. And trust me, once you place the first sticker then rest will flow.
    Looking for some more fun stickers to add to your collection or to purchase as a great gift for someone else?
    Check out the complete dog sticker collection from Pugs & Co here OR join the monthly Pug Sticker Club. You may just find your favourite breed as a sticker that makes you smile.
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