About Pugs & Co.

I have been pug obsessed since the day I met Ref at 2 weeks of age back in 2010. My obsession for pugs became stronger as I started my blog, The Pug Diary, in 2014. I love the breed so much that I wanted to educate other pug parents on what life is like with a pug. But I also wanted to share in everything that is cute about pugs which is how Pugs & Co came to life.

I am obsessed with collecting pug stuff. I’m at the point that I just don’t know where to put it all but I just gotta have it. Each year I add more pug Christmas decorations to the tree. Last year we celebrated Pugmas. Every Christmas decoration on the tree and in the house was pug related. And as you read this and say “me too”, you’ll understand what I mean when I say I am a crazy pug lady.

To fuel my obsession of everything pug, I wanted to create unique and fun but not cheesy and tacky products that celebrate pugs. I create my own designs and work with some of the best designers around to bring you fun, unique products that you just need to have.
Pugs & Co is celebrating pugs with pug stuff for humans.
Who is behind Pugs & Co.?
Pugs & Co. is a one women team supported by two gorgeous black pugs. 
My name is Kristy and I am the creator of Pugs & Co. You may already know me from my blog The Pug Diary, the essential guide for pug parents who want their pugs to have long, happy, healthy lives. If you know me from there, you know I have a great passion for everything pug. I have loads of ideas of original & unique products that I want to bring to Pugs & Co and I look forward to doing just that so you can join in the celebration of pugs with pug stuff for humans.
My sidekicks are Ref & Serina. Ref is an 8 year black pug that I have had since he was 8 weeks. He is cheeky, lazy with bursts of energy and an overall sweet little boy. He will always hold a huge piece of my heart for as long as I live. And Serina is my 9, or maybe 7, year old rescue girl who has changed so much about how I think about pugs and life in general. She is the biggest bossy boots but also the sweetest and most loyal dog I have ever known. Maybe because I changed her entire world.
Both Ref & Serina are the inspiration behind what I do and the ideas I create for products. You will get to know them more and see them inspire many more products in the future.
Pugs & Co is a small business located in South West Sydney, Australia but ships worldwide.