Giving Back

I am a big advocate of pug rescue. I was before I even adopted Serina but it has become even more important to me since she came into my life. Seeing how broken she was when I picked her up from the foster carer and seeing how much she has changed by being in a safe and loving home inspires me every day.
One of my goals is to raise as much money as I can for my local pug rescue group, Pug Patrol Rescue Australia. I make donations when I can like donating the amount of money I would have spent on sending Christmas cards around the world to our pug friends. I am also the organiser of Wollongong Pugs and I host a fundraising event once a year. Pugoween is the biggest contribution I make so far to pug rescue having raised nearly $3,000 since Christmas 2015. 
My next step in raising more money for pug rescue is to donate 5% of every single sale made on the Pugs & Co website to Pug Patrol Rescue Australia. Every 6 months I will make this donation to help this amazing group save more pugs across Australia. You will help me achieve this goal by simply purchasing anything on this website.