Pug Butts Sticker Challenge

Pug Butts Sticker Challenge | www.pugsandco.com
Every single order that leaves Pugs & Co HQ has a FREE weatherproof Pug Butts sticker in it.
What better way to see these freebies in use than with a sticker challenge.
Here’s how you can be part of the Pug Butts Sticker Challenge...
  1. Use the FREE Pug Butts sticker from your order, the more public the location, the better. 
  2.  Take a photo of it
  3. Share it on social media
If you are an Instagram user,
Post the photo on your feed and tag @shoppugsandco & #pugbuttsonshow! 
If you are a Facebook user,
Post photo as a review on the page OR in the Facebook VIP Group 
Each month a winner will be chosen where you’ll receive a $15.00 digital gift card for the shop & share your photo on the Pugs & Co social media, website & newsletter. 
Are you out & about and see a Pug Butts sticker? Then snap a photo and post it on social media using #spottedpugbuttsonshow! 
Let’s see the Pug Butts sticker make it across the world!
Pug Butts Sticker Challenge | www.pugsandco.com